Wednesday, December 28, 2011

#97. Five Years of Posts

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Added: 23 Jan 2012. Just a quick note. I described self-organizing structures in post #97 (Science's Best: Cosmic Energy). They are especially important because, among other things, they provide a link between inanimate substances and the structures of living matter.

For a highly unusual example of a self-organizing structure, check out the photo of the North Pole of Saturn from yesterday's Astronomy Picture of the Day: Saturn's Hexagon Comes to Light.


Five years ago today, December 28, 2006, I published my first ever blog post.

The world is already very different from what it was just five years ago. Science continues to make major technical advances, while the institutional churches lag behind by several centuries.

Neither of them still has had much to say about the place of humanity in the universe.

It took me five years to say what I had to say, and I still don't feel quite done. There's something more I'd like to say, but I'm not sure yet just how to go about it.

Meanwhile, this note is to say "thank you" to all who sent comments, both personal and for publication, and for all the support and encouragement I have received from family and friends-- and readers whom I've never met.

Your thoughts, comments and questions are still most welcome!

My good wishes for the remainder of the twelve days of Christmas and a Happy New Year.


Sam said...

While trying to eliminate numerous spam comments, I inadvertently deleted all comments at the END of the posts up until #90. BUT... they are still preserved in the collections of comments found in posts #32, #67 and #83.

One set of comments, however-- for posts #84 to #89-- has been completely lost. If you happen to have copied any of them, I'd much appreciate your sending a copy to me so I can restore them. Thanks.

E.D. said...

Dear Sam,

Five years, I can hardly believe it. I have so much catching up to do!

Such good ripples you have created in the pond of human consciousness.

All our relations,

M.H. said...

Congratulations, Sam, on 5 years of blogging! A great effort that certainly
reached many seekers.

Here's to the next 5 -- I think a really good
adventure awaits and we all will be enriched by it.

John R said...

Hi, Sam!
I saw the amazing picture you sent of Saturn's north pole. Can you write a more exhaustive article about it? I can use it for my study group. Thanks.

Sam said...

JOHN, I hope to do just that, but it will take a while. Those fascinating "self-organizing" structures are a major aspect of the cosmic process that hasn't received much attention. But they're very helpful for a non-dualstic understanding of the emergence of life. So, I'll be working on it.

K.P. said...

Hi Sam, That amazing picture of Saturn’s Hexagon is so beautiful, especially the rope-like piece threading its way around the inside. When I first looked at it I thought of a striking piece of silver jewelry – a pendant, so to speak. It’s just the way it struck me.

Sam said...

K.P., Thanks for your comment. I agree that ‘jewelry’ is a good analogy for that hexagonal shape on Saturn. It’s neat to think that the same process is what makes snowflakes and all the fascinating patterns in living things.

A friend of Saturn said...

Very cool. Ever since I saw Saturn & rings through the Lick Observatory
telescope, and studied Cassini's journey in the Astronomy classes (2008-09),
I have had a warm connection to this place. Wouldn't it be great to find &
have confirmed some new 'life' structure there. Here we come, friends out
there in the cosmos!