Thursday, August 21, 2014

The CONVERGENCE of Science and Religion ? Seems Unlikely!

By "convergence" I mean humanity's dawning awareness that both Western science and Western religion have the same basis in a dynamic-- rather than static-- understanding of the world.

We're coming to see that life evolves, the cosmos evolves, individuals evolve and our communal consciousness of the meaning of it all evolves. It's a big change in our basic assumptions about reality.

The main idea goes by many names: "process," "emergence," "evolution," "growth and development," novitatem. Historian Richard Tarnas calls this great turning in human awareness "the transfiguration of the Western mind." (See post #116.)

My first 99 entries are essays I've written over a period of about six years offering examples of the convergence from many different starting points. They come from my life-long interest in psychology, science and religion. I'm not a therapist or academic scholar but a teacher; my calling has been to help anyone interested make sense of the details of this immense transition.

The posts following #99 are not essays but minimally-edited notes and reviews from the files I've collected over the last few decades. I no longer have the time and energy needed to sort out and put together into decent essay-form the many varied ideas in these files, but I would like to share my notes and reflections with all who are interested.

If you have questions and think I might be of help, you're welcome to send me a note:


#149. A Psychology for the New Cosmology
• Thoughts stimulated by a master's thesis, "Henry Corbin and Russian Religious Thought," submitted in August 2013 as part of a Master of Arts program at the Institute of Islamic Studies, McGill University in Montreal, by Hadi Fakhoury. The full text is available on Tom Cheetham's website.

#148. Struggling with Henri Corbin
• Some basic thoughts about the ideas of Henri Corbin and an attempt to write out, in somewhat easier-to-follow words, his ideas in the section dealing with the words "alone to alone" of his Introduction to Alone With the Alone, Creative Imagination in the Sufism of Ibn 'Arabi.

#147. Imagination As the Forming Force of the World
• Notes on Robert Sardello's Foreword to Tom Cheetham's Green Man, Earth Angel (SUNY, 2005), the second of Cheetham's quartet of books on the work of French religious thinker, Henri Corbin.
• From a biogenetic structuralist analysis, a neurological understanding of why myth and ritual go together.

The Keeper of the Threshold
• A shaman is simply someone who is especially good at what everyone has to do-- at entering via ritual into communion with the life-giving forces and powers of the universe.

#144. A New Way of Being Human
• Our children need to know that they are cosmic events.

#143. The Liberated Universe
• Either we feel graced and blessed or we don't; patriarchal fear or sapiential delight are the only alternatives.

#142. Communion With the Heart of Creation
• “I’m simply not interested in anything else, not eternity, not the salvation of my soul,” but loving communion with God’s created world. -Pavel Florensky

#141. The Seven Pillars of Coyote

• An outline of trickster aspects of Sophia in our cosmic "work of works."

#140. Religion Has To Be As Reasonable As Modern Science

• Belief, like science, needs to be based on experience.

#139. Anthropos: The Primary Driving Force of Our Time

• We must hold on to the gains made by Christianity even while it itself ages and fades and we move on to a new stage of humanity’s evolution.

#138. Sacred Ritual in the New Creation Story

• Spirituality is a major component of the story of the universe, and ritual is a major aspect of spirituality.

#137. The Church Community in the New Creation Story

• An Earth-based church sees the cosmos as theophany, focuses on expanded self-awareness, is concerned with sociology and cultures, and offers service of liberation, healing and reconciliation.

#136. The Old Creation Story & The New Creation Story

• The new worldview is the greatest religious, humanistic, cultural and spiritual event of many centuries.

• We’ve totally lost our significant myths.

#134. Victor White, Hugo Rahner, and E. O. Wilson

• Three books on the frontiers of cultural evolution beyond religion & psychology

#133. Beyond Religion and Psychology-- To Nature

• What it means to be a contemporary religious person.

#132. "Beyond the Hero"-- To a Coherent Model of Manhood

• An understanding of an integrated masculine way of life allows us to move beyond the severely damaged patriarchal model of maleness.

#131. Individuals Who Are Curious, Creative, and Want to Make the World Better... Are not Well?

• The shamanic personality described from a static sociological point of view.

#130. An Extraordinary Collection of Extraordinary Biographies
• People whose lives are significant for the rest of us.

• The evolutionary origins of shamanism and its hunting culture matrix.

#128. Body & Soul, Flesh & Spirit, Sarx and Pneuma

• In our understanding from science that the human person is at the core of the cosmos, religion's matter-spirit dichotomy is resolved and its buried treasures become recoverable.

#127. On The Frontiers of Science & Spirituality

• Basic religious insights that fit well into the new scientific story of the world.

#126. Humanity's Oldest Religion

• The cosmo-the-andric perspective is the primordial human cosmology.

#125. No Chaos, No Creativity: Trickster Makes the World

“He who does not put Eshu first in all his doings has himself to blame when things go wrong.”

#124. The Only Way to Avoid War

• "Personal relationships, one unique being relating to another."

#123. The Psychological Origins of Patriarchy

• "Such men were never fully born."

#122. What Can Christianity Possibly Mean in the Modern World?

• Wrestling with meaninglessness while affirming the sacramentality of matter. 

#121. Our Way into the Future: Thomas Berry's Vision

• We are to learn how to enter into right relations with all the components of the natural world. There is nothing trivial about our lives; the universe needs each of us.
• "Alone, not on guard, utterly relaxed and receptive."

#119. The Church and Earth-spirituality

• "There's no room for that sort of thing in the church," said the priest.

#118. Bear Cult People

• Ancient religious ceremonies in Japan.

#117. Addiction & Ritual

• Links between drug use and the absence of ritual.

#116. The Cosmic Evolutionary Process and the Individual
• An essay which helped me put good words on my understanding of how each individual's personal development is a participation in the evolution of the universe.

#115. In Addition to Facts and Logic...

• Books from the early 1990s, dealing with our "mythic imagination"-- an most significant aspect of being human which had been lost to, but is being recovered in, Western culture. 

#114. Our Paleolithic Roots

• Notes on books concerned with helping us to understand our brains, minds and hearts in light of primal cultures.

#113. Native American Stories

• Notes about Native American folk tales, sweat lodge and medicine wheel teachings.

#112. Hope Via Understanding Gender Distinctions

• Notes on an early book dealing with psychology from an evolutionary perspective; focuses on the origins of gender distinctions.

#111. Notes About Drumming

• Procedures involved in what has often been called a "talking-staff council" but nowadays would probably be called "communal meditation." 

#110: Mandala of Religious Experiences

• A long essay about the basic kinds of religious experience we may have when using one or other of the four-fold functions of our conscious minds. 

#109: Jung & Eastern Thought

• Personal thoughts stimulated by two books with the same name, Jung and Eastern Thought. 

#108: The Universe in Each Infant

• Brief review and personal notes about Mary Conrow Coelho's book Awakening Universe, Emerging Personhood: The Power of Contemplation in an Evolving Universe.

#107. Retirement-summer Mini-reviews

• Mini-reviews of books about evolution-related ideas: mythology, mysticism, history, the masculine, types of religious experience....

#106. Ritual & the Evolution of Culture

• Sophiology and the New Cosmology agree on this critically important point: that we exist and live in a dynamic person-centered cosmos.

#105. "The Love of Eternal Wisdom"

• No one had written anything like this in Western Christianity since the time of the early church fathers.

#104. "The Bride of the Lamb"
• Challenging thoughts from the major work of Russian Sophiologist, Sergius Bulgakov.

#103. "Nature's Magic"

• The most interesting book about the evolutionary worldview I’ve seen since I first read Teilhard’s Phenomenon Of Man 40 years ago.

#102. Dwight Judy's "Healing the Male Soul"

• With the Grail stories, Western manhood begins to come of age. Male needs are many: equality with the feminine, bonding of males with one another, equality of sons with fathers, communion with one’s ancestors.

#101. Emma Jung's "The Grail Legend"

• Salvation happens only via the unflinching efforts of individual human beings. We humans bring about the transfiguration of the world. Science is the greatest intervention ever in the cosmic order.

#100. [No post.]

#99. Beyond the Impasse
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#92. Evolution & Holy Communion
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#89. Recovery of Sacred Manhood
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#38. Exodus
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#6. Tai Chi
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